About ACS Bonds


American Contracting Services, Inc. was formed in 1998 as Surety Bond Broker.  American Contracting Services has offices in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Greenville, and Indianapolis.  The employees of American Contracting Services are highly experienced professionals in the surety industry.

ACS Bonds is located in Cincinnati, Ohio USA

Responding to the needs of our bond clients, we continue to expand the scope of surety related products we offer.  We now represent over 19 of the top twenty-five rated surety companies in the United States.  We represent many clients who depend on us to provide all their surety bond needs.  We specialize in providing bonds for contractor's performance and payment bonds, commercial surety, fiduciary, environmental, subdivision, and financial guarantee. 

Our success has been our customers’ as well, as we are able to make outstanding customer service our priority through quick turn around on all bond needs. 

American Contracting Services, Inc. will continue to work with agencies and contractors on all bond needs.  We offer agencies competitive commissions and quick turn around times.  American Contracting Services has quickly earned a reputation as one of the largest bond brokers doing business in 15 States, and has recently launched a new surety bond direct website at www.BuySurety.com.



Our mission is to provide a broad range of quality surety products and related services to agents and contractors.  We offer competitive commissions to any agency that does business with us.  We have a very experienced staff and believe in integrity, honesty, and ethical behavior.

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